Intracorp ……… A family of companies operating from a common philosophy and financial discipline backed by long-term experience. Four of the six are real estate development companies based in Seattle, San Francisco, Southern California and San Diego/Hawaii.

KB Home ……… Committed to achieving business goals by acting with integrity, with high ethical standards, and in compliance with the law. This is essential to building lasting relationships with our customers, business partners and investors that are based on trust.

Camden Property Trust ……… One of the largest publicly traded multifamily companies in the United States. Structured as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), the company is engaged in the ownership, development, acquisition, management and disposition of multifamily residential apartment communities.

Hollywood Historic Property Trust ……… The Walk of Fame celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2010. A committee has been working for more than four years to do major restoration on the Walk of Fame, which shows signs of serious deterioration. Construction will begin on February 8th, 2010.

Gatehouse Capital Corporation ……… A national real estate investment and development firm based in Dallas, Texas. Currently engaged in the development and redevelopment of mixed-use properties involving upscale hotels in urban and technology markets, Gatehouse has a reputation for both elevating brands and being elevated by brands.

Playa Capital Company LLC ……… A better environment by design. In designing a balanced living environment on the westside, we made a commitment to respect and protect nature’s environment — the one that sustains us all. The development of Playa Vista is aligned with a common sense program of environmentally responsible guidelines called Sustainable Design. This emphasizes recycling, conservation, energy efficiency and the use of quality, durable products.