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Feasibility Studies

  • Site assessments
  • Research existing records
  • Identify constraints
  • Fee evaluation


Preliminary Engineering

  • Conceptual grading and drainage plan
  • Conceptual utility layout
  • Determine existing sewer and water capacity
  • Preliminary studies to establish design criteria for storm drainage


  • Tentative tract maps/ parcel maps for subdivisions
  • Three-dimensional airspace maps
  • Zone changes and conditional use permits
  • General plan amendments


Construction Documents


Precise Grading Plans
  • Provide design grades around building structures,
  • Provide ADA-compliant access
  • Connections to building roof drains
  • Coordinate with off-site improvements.


Hydrology/Hydraulic Studies
  • Provide site-specific drainage requirements
  • Verify consistency with the local agency’s requirements.


Storm Drain Plans
  • Sizing and specifying inlet structures, conveyance systems, outlet structures, and other drainage appurtenances.
  • Verification of 100-year flood protection.


Street Improvement Plans
  • Plan and profiles for construction of new streets
  • Widening of existing streets
  • ADA curb ramps and driveway approaches


Sewer Design
  • Coordinate point of connections and cleanouts with MEP consultants
  • Provide plans for connection to the public sewer system


Domestic, Fire and Irrigation Water Design
  • Plan and profiles for construction of new public water lines
  • Coordinate meter sizing, backflow devices and point of connections with MEP and landscape architect


NPDES Reports
  • SWPPP report preparation for construction activites
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Recommendations for best management practices (BMPs)
  • Post-construction water quality reports (WQMP/SUSMP)


  • Compliance with standards including the latest edition of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Green Book), and City and/or local Agency Design Manual and Standard Plans.


Cost Estimates
  • Engineer’s opinion of costs
  • Quantity estimates